The Truth About The Sidewalks – New Song

by | Nov 8, 2017

“Really like your new song – can you explain the meaning of ‘the truth about the sidewalks’ though? I don’t get it.”

I joke with people here [in Montana] who have never been to a big city and are fascinated by my California-ness. When they talk about really wanting to visit San Francisco for instance, the conversation goes something like this (with a more humorous tone, and not as dream-crushing as it sounds in text):

“I bet you think San Francisco really looks like it does on a postcard?”


“Well a postcard doesn’t convey the smell of urine on the sidewalks or show all the homeless people sleeping everywhere.”

So that line, “I’ve been to where they hope to go, and I know the truth about the sidewalks,” is about the superficiality of certain images we are presented with by people, the naivety of those who think they’re getting exactly what is advertised, and how anyone who has had personal experience with the person (“I’ve been to where they hope to go”) knows the truth… “the truth about the sidewalks.” 😂

In the sense of this relationship in the song, I’m dealing with a person I used to be fooled by, but now I see who they really are (“a devil in the skin of an angel”). I’m also watching other people get naively pulled in by the same superficial beauty I was once pulled in by. But since I’ve had more than that skyline vantage point you get on a postcard (I’ve been down in the details of the streets), I know the deeper truth about this person.

“The truth about the sidewalks” is a line that literally came from a piss joke I made at work. Lol ;D
I think that’s the secret to songwriting: the realization that there’s a song in everything. There’s no need to wait to be inspired because everything has inspiration built into it. The trick is letting your standards fall a little lower than “perfection” so that inspiration can come out of hiding.