Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music, it means the world to me! I hope it brings you as much peace and comfort in listening as it has brought to me in creating.


Sometimes compared to some of the best sounds of 90s alternative music, To The Hopeless is a solo music project started by multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Daniel Silva. This project is his ongoing love letter to anyone struggling with psychological health, namely depression. Through To The Hopeless Daniel has been able to make many connections with people around the world, helping them find clarity through chaotic life moments, and to feel safe about opening up about their own struggles. The core goal of To The Hopeless is, through authentic and vulnerable music and lyrics, to make the conversation surrounding mental health a safe one to have.

The metaphorical lyrics, catchy hooks, and storytelling ability of To The Hopeless (addressing everything from religion to mental health to breakups) are highly regarded by his audience, building inviting doorways into vivid worlds that are easy to relate to.

One of the biggest attention-grabbers at To The Hopeless’ live shows is Daniel’s natural playing of a right-handed guitar upside down (a style most famously associated with Jimi Hendrix), and his use of loops and solos.Sometimes


To date Daniel has written over 100 songs, and is working on more every day. His latest release was an 8 track album, A Void & A Vibrant Sky, released in 2020. He has a new single, Disillusioned, set to be released on January 5th, 2021, in all digital stores and streaming services. His next full-length album, “The Little Foxes” (working title) is scheduled for a 2021 release.


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Available 1/5/2021