To The Hopeless creates content to equip and empower people, not just to cope with depression, anxiety and addiction, but to
conquer it once for all.

The story

The original intent of To The Hopeless was to use music to reach other people struggling with depression, and through it create a conversation that would inspire and encourage.

At the time, Silva believed, like many, that depression was a permanent affliction and the best one could ever do is learn to cope and let it pass.

Daniel went in and out of depression for 17 years. 15 years in he began to see that it didn’t have to be permanent. He started to form strategies for conquering the issue altogether, and learning how to get himself free.

These strategies and methods are what he teaches through his blogs, videos and books.

D. R. Silva

D. R. Silva is the founder of To The Hopeless, and author of 3 books, including best-seller Hyper-Grace: The Dangerous Doctrine of a Happy God. He founded in 2011 (on hiatus since 2016) to help set people free from depression-inducing beliefs within Christianity and religion.

Daniel began struggling with depression very early on in his childhood and continued into his late twenties. When he finally began to understand how the cycle works he began to form strategies and tools to help him conquer it completely.

To The Hopeless is the vehicle for him to share those tools with others.

Through To The Hopeless, we hope to do more than just teach people how to manage and cope with depression while expecting it to be a lifelong problem. Our overall goal is to teach people how to conquer it altogether.

We are convinced that many of the popular ideas held and spread about depression are more responsible for keeping people stuck in the cycle of depression than others are aware.

Our mission is to expose the inner-workings of depression, destroy any of those damaging ideas that empower depression, and build new, solid foundations that get people walking free instead of accepting an internal oppression as a normal part of their life and destiny.

 If it comes to kill, then the greatest act of revenge and rebellion is to keep living.

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